1. Who are you?

    I’m Vikky Ramona Winter Storm. I’m genderqueer, an anarchist, and a communist. I’m on Twitter. I write a lot about religion, politics, philosophy, and theology and I work on queer politics, mad pride, public transportation, and various other interests important to me.

  2. Who translated this into Spanish and helped to write it?

    I'm Eme Flores. I'm non binary, an anarchist and a supporter of the Sexta Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona. I'm on Twitter and I have a podcast called International House of Hot Takes

  3. Who helped with revising and editing this?

    Lila Monster helped with extensive revisions and editing.

  4. So is this an anarchist manifesto?

    I wrote it as an anarchist, but it’s not purely anarchistic. The analysis and praxis in the manifesto are not a complete politic on their own, but one which is complementary to several forms of radical politics.

  5. Why did you write this?

    Because the ideas I express in this are ones which have been around in the trans community for quite some time, but haven’t really been expressed succinctly in one place in a good way like this. There have been similar manifestos to this before, and surely there will be others, but this expresses a real current that already exists.

  6. The manifesto talks a lot about organizing that trans people can do, but not all that much about what cis people can do. Why?

    Because it’s written for and by trans people. Not everything is about you, cis people.

  7. But what can I, as a cis person, do?

    First of all, you don’t have to be cis. Second of all, read this.

  8. Where does the money I spend when I buy this go?

    To the bookmaker. I’m selling this at cost with no revenue for myself.